About Us


The Alternative For Yemen (AFY) known in Yemen as (Al Badeal)  is a social solidarity movement, not a political party.  

AFY is concerned with the mechanisms of public community management and realizes that the failing situation in Yemen has become impossible to restore using traditional methods.

 We are fully aware of the need to rely on modern tools and technology to manage societies. 

Attempts to save Yemen without linking this rescue process to modern digital technology and modern digital economies will not work. 

The delay in adopting a massive direction switch toward modern society management tools and AI, means continuation of the suffering of Yemeni people. What is worse is that it will make Yemen a sustainable colony for those who own the digital infrastructure to connect us with the global economy on terms we don't participate in drafting.

 The alternative approach deeply believes that the force capable of bringing Yemen out of the current zero-sum situation is the societal force, not the political one.  However, we are proud to say that the members of the General Constituent Committee, which has completed 50% of its form, after the number of its members exceeded 500 so far. Amongst us are many that come from different political parties.  The theory of future social solidarity orientation surpasses all political and ideological orientations.

 One of the most important goals of the movement is to reach the zero-corruption stage.  Therefore, we realize the inevitability of clashing directly with the political system. Although the situation in Yemen is exceptional, this confrontation between societal solidarity movements and political systems exists even in the least corrupt countries in the world.

 The AFY is a societal solidarity movement that will exist where it should be. We see the way of the future clearly and with 5 and 6G accuracy, however  the source of our strength comes from the depth of the Yemeni civilization in its smallest details.

 We met in the AFY as Yemeni citizens of different backgrounds, experiences, qualifications, professions and political orientations.

 Despite our diversity, we believe in a common vision of a modern civil state.  We also resolved to stand up and work hard because the time has come.  We are firmly convinced that citizens have the right to have clear societal alternatives that enable them to contribute to a way out of the current situation.


Global social movement in the twentieth century

concluded that society has the absolute right to fair political representation, and this is something that has become a foregone conclusion in most of the stable countries of the world

Today's global social movement seeks for society to have the absolute right to fair economic representation, and this is something that has become inevitable with the accelerating growth of the digital economy and the continued growth of artificial intelligence capabilities. All this is leading to more social based global and local economies 

We believe in the AFY that Yemeni society today, despite the bleak situation, stands before a historical opportunity to shorten distances and bring about a radical change by adopting the cultural depth of the nation and linking it to the latest modern systems available to achieve its ambitions, with two main goals in the first stage

 The first goal is to restore the community structure using modern tools and systems through which it will be able to quickly and even immediately stop the state of fragmentation experienced by the community structure and get out of the dangerous existing situation

 The second goal is to put Yemen on the right path, which is imposed by the third global industrial revolution, and to do so through strategic plans and innovative future partnerships that provide guarantees that secure the future of Yemen as land and people for centuries to come.       B2