first meeting
1st of September 2021


Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you


On the first of September 2021, the AFY held its first meeting, which is limited to the affiliates, and 345 members were invited to participate.


Message and meeting notes


Those present in this meeting and those who interacted with this trend share one characteristic. They don't have shaky hands. 

Those present here are the group whose heart is filled with Yemen. Only this constellation sees Yemen as it deserves to be

Whoever doubts that Yemen deserves to be at the forefront of the world, his place is not here

We gathered here, our political orientations did not prevent us, we did not seek permission from a party, and we did not wait for a green light from anyone.

Whoever belongs to the alternative approach, his question is clear. His question is what I will offer to the homeland, not what the homeland will offer to me

Since you have arrived here and made your decision to be a part of AFY social solidarity movement, this is conclusive evidence that your decision is in your hands, and this is what makes us proud to belong together to this direction.

Undoubtedly, those present at today's meeting have had the impression that the AFY context is a purely futuristic context that is striving to help Yemen jump into the right direction, using the latest available means and advanced tools, and even removing everything that might cause its delay.

The suffering of the Yemeni people has been prolonged because ideas have not changed, the suffering has been prolonged because not all the outlines are our lines, our suffering has been prolonged because most of our options are imposed on us, most of our choices are imposed predesigned for us. It is time to find an alternative solution.


This meeting is not planned to be long

Because the discussion is about the philosophy of orientation, and because one of the provisions of philosophy says that the perception that takes a long time to explain needs to be reviewed.


The philosophy of the alternative approach is based on the certainty that Yemeni society today, despite the bleakness of the situation, stands before a historical opportunity to bring about a radical change by adopting the cultural depth of the nation and linking it to the latest modern systems available to achieve its ambitions, bearing in front of its eyes two main goals in the first stage


The first goal is to restore the societal structure and enable it with modern tools and systems through which it will be able to impose a quick and even immediate halt to the state of fragmentation experienced by the country.


The second goal is to put Yemen on the right and available path led by the fourth global industrial revolution with strategic plans and innovative future partnerships that provide guarantees that secure its future for centuries to come.

The AFYplan, as it is clear in its literature, is based on three wings, each of which has a dedicated work team that constitutes, in its entirety, the Supreme Coordinating Council

 Management and Contracts Team - Social Structure Team - Principles and Ethics Team

A quick glimpse of the wings' missions

First, the task of the administration and contracts wing



The alternative approach recognizes that in the ongoing battle between human and machine intelligence, machines are close to surpassing human intelligence. The unrestricted use of digital technologies in process automation is one of the main advantages of the third-fourth industrial revolution. All developed and developing countries began to digitize ordinary tasks. Thus, ICT digital technologies have achieved a high operational space in terms of building infrastructure for countries. It is now a force drive on the job opportunities, education sector reforms, fund mobilization, e-governance. The need to impose an educational system based on deep education and electronic human connectivity for development and well-being.


It is clear that it has become imperative to connect all segments of society through information and communication technology or digitization.


 The impact of digitization and AI on governance, created new process in the areas of security, healthcare, crime prevention and detection, education, agriculture and sensor networks


 Innovative technologies that can be adopted to ensure better quality and better delivery of services to the community is what will enable any society to start the fourth industrial revolution phase in the right place


Interim goals

1. After completing the stages of nominations and internal elections, the demand for Yemen to open wide and active links with the OECD organization.


2. Completing the outline of the type of investments and the type of consortium that needs to be formed to meet all the planned social and economical transformations. 



 Management and contracts team

AFY program
for  related educational material

Suggested refrences and resources

All sources will be available for members


 1. Literal Intelligence: Revolution, Walt Chiefs, morals, and foundation

 [Sandeep Tomar]

 2. The impact of digitization of governance on society

 [J. Raja Kishore S. suguna mallika]

 3. The impact of artificial intelligence on the global economy

 [Debashish and R.; Srivastava]

4. Artificial intelligence in healthcare

 [Ajay Kumar Yadav and Rajesh Mamilla]

 5. The adoption of artificial intelligence in industrial sectors and its impact

 [Sumil Jain and Puneet Kumar]

6. Electronic capabilities to enforce security

 [Piyali Haldar and Ashok Singh]

7. IoTCrypt - An intelligent system for securing IoT devices using technical intelligence and machine learning

 [Akriti Singla and Anand Sharma]

8. Intelligent Systems: Enhanced Security Using Deep Learning

 [Satyaji Srivastava, Abhishek Singh, Deepak Dodiga]

9. Automated intelligence-based approach to effectively monitor terrorism

 [Riyazvir Singh, Sahil Sharma, Vijay Kumar]