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Theory Summary

September 1st meeting
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Theory Summary


The alternative approach 


Al-Badeel, as  known in Yemen, is a social solidarity movement led by a selection of Yemeni competencies, which are selected through nomination and direct voting, which was integrated into the registration processالبديل-لليمن/afy-تسجيل-وترشيح/


The alternative aim of this social solidarity movement is to transfer Yemen from the most catastrophic country in the world in 2021 into a highly stable country before the end of 2025. This is achievable  through a studied revolutionary measures. Calling for a social dynamic boost, based on the latest contemporary digital and AI technology available to achieve this and to set the road for a maintained state of stability.


The philosophy of the social revolution is based on the depth and heritage of the rooted Yemeni civilization with its greatest values to be synchronized with the latest methods of the management of societies: 

After the bloody seven years struggle, during which Yemen had exhausted all its energy, it has become imminent for Yemen to reach the stage of a failed state. 

This is the motive that made the adoption of such a blatant alternative approach inevitable. What will give Yemen a guarantee is the depth of civilization on which the social revolution is based. The other aspect being the fact that what will happen in Yemen is organically linked to the future of the region, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and vice versa. (Perceptions of sustainable relationship) Annex 1






The first stage


social revolution



With the prospect of finding political or even military solutions not foreseen, Yemeni society found itself facing two options, either to continue inside this satanic circle with its various complications, which will continue to be bloody for decades, or to take a great leap, which some skeptics see as a leap towards the unknown. The AFY believes deeply that it is a leap towards the future, and must be taken.


The societal revolution relied on the non-hierarchical coordinating management style and built the foundations of the basic socil contract on four pillars.

Freedom - Equality - Justice - Fraternity


The formations of the coordinating teams of the social revolution began in its main frameworks with a tripartite structure in the first stage, as shown in the basic coordinating circle, and these teams were nominated by supporters of the AFY in the same registration process


The nucleus of each coordinating wing consists of six members. The supreme coordinating counsel when complete will consist of 18 members covering all three wings. 


 The first stage (structural)

 Social structure wing - Principles and ethics wing - Management and contracts wing



The second stage (operational)

Social structure wing


The Social Structure team has the chance to revive the most obvious social formation, which is the social structure of the Yemeni tribes. This will facilitate solid basis for the social structure database, thus overcoming a large part of the conflicts  related to the political representation. The attention must include social spaces outside the tribal structure in a broader societal framework. 

The teams mission is to reformulate the foundations of the social relations and community representation, evoking the accumulated cultural depth and working to harmonize it with the latest contemporary social theories. The restructuring of the local communities will be a part of merging the modern technologies to organize the local and national database . 


The new societal description must succeed in preparing the nation for the stage of the social solidarity economy dependent on the new technologies and AI capabilities. 


  The social classification mechanism is based on the following considerations:


·       The coming classifications must be able to transcend political, ideological and even doctrinal differences


·       The upcoming societal classifications must be data coherent and able to be under digital mechanisms and electronic control.


·       The upcoming classifications must unite the nation under a comprehensive Yemeni identity, recalling its pioneering depth of human civilization


·       It must be ensured that societal classifications consider all the global principles and human rights charters that Yemen has signed and agreed to


·       Society, with its local and macro divisions, must be prepared to engage and contribute to the modern digital economy


·       The upcoming societal structure emphasizes adopting the foundations of modern management for local communities and expanding the margin of investment freedom through a national network capable of providing a safe environment for that.


The family is the nucleus of the societal structure
Adoption of the principle of open candidacy and election for everything related to public affairs.  The tribal management affairs within the framework of the mechanisms of the local and tribal administration determined by specific modern regulations
Legislating the role of women and their equal rights with me  to take charge of public affairs and for social, tribal and national representation
Measuring the systems of arrangements related to local administration (both the social affairs and financial affairs) with a clear database that guarantees equality in rights and duties as well as the equal chances to assume and manage local public affairs posts.
Access to a social security system to secure the social need in a formation that does not fall in any way to the level of poverty line with its international determinants.


Principles and Ethics

The principles and Ethics wing highlighted a comprehensive national creed based on the four pillars of building the social revolution, which are freedom, equality, justice and fraternity, based on the cultural and intellectual accumulation of the Yemeni nation as a guarantor of the societal transformation

The creation of the cross-sectarian and ethnic doctrine and the closing of the files that had to be closed in order to go forward.


 The process of unifying the concept of identity was built with a clearly defined social characterization that puts the Yemeni citizen as the Axis . This pavilion is the cornerstone around which the new social structure revolved, creating guarantees that enabled the management and contracting team to provide guaranteed and disciplined technology partnership programs.




Administration and contracts wing

The Operational team of the  Administration and contracts wing based its future developmental contracts on the social visionary stability that will be undertaken by the AFY Social Structure wing. Launching the so-called (single-digit revolution) based on the value of the national data and information to prepare the national transition program to digital management systems. 

The management and contracts team will subsequently establish a national committee that includes international recognized organization for observation in the setup of all the electronic infrastructure, AI and  DNS related tasks

The national registry and national data can be reconfigured in highly secure ways through the application of the latest community management mechanisms currently adopted in some developed countries and in different regions of the world.


The transition to digital structural society would not be possible without placing Yemen as people, land, environment and geography in a bold future investment. The aim of adopting this overdue change to electronic and digital monitoring systems is to reach the stage of zero corruption. That is the adventure that Yemenis have no choice but to take.


For the success of such a change, the Human Unclassified Movement undertakes the task of preparing and monitoring the principles of using artificial intelligence to prepare for the transfer of the human rights file from human controls to digital controls. What Yemen will accomplish by adopting this shift will enable it to create a safe environment to attract the artificial intelligence giants.


The AI giants who are active in the digital development and innovation will find in Yemen highly attractive environment with prospective future partnerships of high clarity and accuracy.

With this, Yemen will become the first country that depends entirely on digital technology, and therefore digital economy is 100% . 


The management and contract team must prepare the secure infrastructure for the requirements of the e-citizenship system. Therefore, it must start from the solid ground, and it begins with the creation of a highly secure national Internet. By adopting independent and secured methods. 

International investment contracts are based on a comprehensive simulated system that will bring about the Yemeni national e-currency. This is secured by clear investment partnerships. The transition between the old finance system and national currencies will have an easy access to the digital new system with the e-currency. Doing this gradually (in the range of one year) will allow smooth transition of large national investments as well as medium and small companies and even craft professions from the old banking system to the national digital currency system. This will re-discipline the national tax and general purchases through transparent and digitally monitored chains with solid AI assurances.  


The Principles and Ethics team and the Social Structure team worked on preparing the internal new social contract and frameworks, to meet the internationally adopted values for freedom and human rights. 

The Administration and Contracts team will be concerned with the implementation of external contracts that should provide the required infrastructure. Those contracts are divided into two parts, operators contracts and partnership or investment contracts.


Operators Contracts

Chosen contractors are the leaders in technological infrastructure within the framework of public, open and clear contracts. According to the technical requirements, the appropriate contractors will be nominated such as  Dataport - Huawei - Starlink and others. Those contracts of building the infrastructure will be accompanied during the designs by a specialized national committee for security, as well as three independent international entities for developing new and adopting the already existing international AI principles. 


Partnership and investment  contracts

Partners nominated for investment contracts, and all of these contracts are public, under the investment system, for a maximum period of not more than 23 years. Emphasizing sovereign power in sustainable contracts


A fact that must be known is that the situation in Yemen with the existential complications of the financially giant families in the Gulf states can form the solid ground for the success of the experiment.

The most prominent candidates were: (Gulf) (Yemeni) (Arab) family unions (Appendix 1) - Elon Musk - Jeff Bezos - Otto - Kingdom 2030 Program - Kuwait National Investment Fund - Gulf Cooperation Council

The actual beginning of the social revolution was generated by the urgent need for an alternative option, and for this reason, the team of academics and educated thinkers began arranging their ranks to crystallize the mechanisms of the social transition. First, by electing the Coordinating Council 

Members of Parliament, as the last legitimate thread in the old Yemen, when they aligned themselves with the socity in this initiative will give the guarantor legitimacy that would enable Yemen to make such futuristic partnerships. 

The talk is about the future, and with careful arrangements, a state of social security will be formed with the best international standards and be done on national conditions. Getting first to implement this techno-social model will give Yemen rights and tools that it does not dream of in shaping its future, but rather in shaping an economic system based on the foundations of the future.


 The main alternative website is

September 1st meetingاجتماع-1-سبتمبر/

September 16th meeting

Founding Conference


Operational Phase Model




Appendix and references


🚩 History Lessons Reshape Opportunity -


The Korean Presidential Map of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

It is time to form the union of parallel families and to invest extensively in the emergence of the new Yemen as a model that will be reproduced by the Arabian Peninsula with a new modern perspective that restores consideration for the Yemeni civilized role.